✓ Steps for verifying your school


1) Find your school

2) Click on the blue *Claim listing* button on your school’s page.

3) Register as a School Administrator (or Sign In if you already have an account) using your organization email address, i.e. hello@yourorganization.com – NOT yourorganization@gmail.com. It is by accessing this account that you will be able to see statistics related to your listing.

4) Click on the button for the package you wish to purchase to add it to your cart.

5) Checkout and pay the one-time fee as indicated.

6) Receive a confirmation email and a form to fill out with all of your program and audition information as soon as the claim request has been approved.

2023 Ballet Summer Program BASIC
2023 Ballet Summer Program PLUS
2023 Ballet Summer Program PREMIUM

★ Stand out on The Ballet Herald

✪ We offer three levels of packages which include:

Verified organization page with

– featured image

– photos gallery

– embedded video

– website, email, and phone information

– links to social media

– direct message feature for visitors to connect with you directly

⊙ Featured position on the search results page

Unlimited program listings with

– a featured image

– detailed description

– school location with an interactive map

Audition listings with

–  detailed description

– audition locations with interactive map

✪ The PLUS package includes unlimited audition listings.

✪ The PREMIUM package includes a banner on The Ballet Herald.