Ballet Summer Intensives Planner

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Dear Readers,

As The Ballet Herald brand has strengthened over the past year, we have decided to integrate our Ballet Summer Intensives Planner website in order to make the publication a more encompassing ballet resource all under one umbrella.

Ballet Summer Intensives Planner has gone though a couple of iterations and we feel that as the new Schools & Training section of The Ballet Herald, it has finally found its home.

The principal feature that you enjoyed on Ballet Summer Intensives Planner has been improved:

A comprehensive search engine to help you find details about ballet schools, their summer program offerings, and audition information can be found on the 2022 Summer Intensives page.

School administrators can still verify their organization which provides even more valuable information to our readers:

For step-by-step instructions, please visit this page. 

Articles and advice regarding ballet schools are now on The Ballet Herald:

Under the Magazine header, there is a subsection titled “Schools & Training“.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel to reach out to me using this contact form. I always welcome the continued conversation!